STRONGCOM - Strengthening the Covenant of Mayors movement in Belarus”

Project Period: 2016 - 2019 years


Project Partners:

IPO "Ecopartnership"  

Association "Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine" 

"Baltic Environmental Forum Germany”  


Donor: European Union


Overall Objective of the project is to strengthen capacities of civil society organizations (CSOs) to participate in local and national energy and climate change policy formulation and enforcement. The Covenant of Mayors (CoM) is the mainstream European movement involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committed to increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources on their territories. More than 10 Belarusian cities have joined the CoM since the 2011 and in most cases it was initiated by CSOs. There is a lack of networking between CoM Signatories in Belarus and interaction with CSOs and national authorities.

StrongCoM project will concentrate on building capacities of NGOs to participate in an informed and skilled manner in environmental policy formulation and natural resource management, collaborate in decision-making on key issues, and represent the interests of citizens and communities in environment and sustainable development discussions and debates. The project will demonstrate a good practice on how non-governmental sector can closely and successfully cooperate with the government.

Specific objectives: 

1. to improve capacities of local CSOs in interaction with local authorities (LAs) and other stakeholders for CoM implementation and initiation of new signatories;

2. to empower LAs to implement successfully their current or future Covenant engagements in cooperation with local CSOs and other stakeholders;

3. to develop and implement public participation instruments for policy dialogue between CSOs, and government decision-makers responsible for energy management;

4. to strengthen CSOs networking and intervention in the dialogue with national authorities on energy/CC.

The project includes activities…

…For civil society organizations:

Capacity building training program and support for CSO participation in monitoring of the implementation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans at the local level,

Financial support for local pilot initiatives of non-governmental organizations in framework of Covenant of Mayors (6 initiatives up to 10.000 EUR),

Study visit to the EU CoM Signatories,

Participation in decision-making on energy and climate issues at local and national levels


…For local authorities:

Capacity building training program and consultation support for development and implementation of the Baseline Emissions Inventory and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan,

Study visit to the EU CoM Signatories,

Financial support for pilot initiatives of local authorities in framework of Covenant of Mayors (4-5 initiatives up to 40.000 EUR),

Conducting local forums, energy days, round tables


…For professionals

Analysis of the best practices of European cities in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors applicable in Belarus,

Obtaining knowledge and skills for development of Baseline Emissions Inventory and Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans at local level,

Assistance to Belarusian cities in fulfilling their Covenant of Mayors obligations.