Info campaigns

We have extensive experience working with the general public on waste management, energy conservation and climate change, water management and the content of hazardous chemicals in products. 

Over 19 years, we have developed dozens of information brochures, booklets and posters that attract the attention of the audience and help improve the level of knowledge on environmental issues.

Some of our materials were developed jointly with the Department of Energy Efficiency and the Ministry of Natural Resources, and also received the status of social advertising, placed in public transport and public places. 

You can find out more in our social media, as well as on our Youtube channel.

In some areas of Belarus, we managed to conduct information campaigns that attracted the attention of residents to the issues of proper waste management and helped to change their behavior.

For example, in 2016-2018, an informational campaign was developed for the Puchavičy district, which included holding contests and information campaigns in educational institutions, thematic events at city and rural holidays, posting billboards and distributing information materials, working with social networks and mass media. 

We have developed and maintain several online resources for professionals, including:

  • «School project for application of resources and energy» for teachers and students on the platform;
  • Website, providing the latest global and local news in the field of waste management, as well as a catalog of companies involved in their disposal and recycling;
  • Website for cities-participants of the Covenant of Mayors on Energy and Climate on the platform with more than 7,000 users annually.