Other projects

The activities of IPO "Ecopartnership" is not limited to solving problems related to environmental protection. Local development, promotion of small businesses, tourism, introduction of social accountability in the sphere of housing and communal services - just a few of the areas in which our organization was able to work for nearly 20 years. 

We have helped to create a business-incubator in the Kamarova village, which became the center of business support Miadzieĺ, Astraviec, Pastavy and Smarhoń districts. More than 20 start-up entrepreneurs received business education and start-up capital for the development of their own business. Many business initiatives related to rural organic farming or engaged in production of ecologically clean products, goods and services. 

Social accountability in any sphere of activity enables citizens to get a full understanding of how businesses and public bodies work. The company that operates on the principle of social accountability constantly reports on it's activities, answer the questions of customers and means better communication with the people in general. With the assistance of our organization's principles of social accountability where introduced on Housing and utilities services of Viliejka and Iŭje. 

IPO "Ecopartnership" constantly pays great attention to the work with the media. We talk about environmental problems and their solutions, give comments, organize press conferences, press tours and competitions for journalists. More than 100 media representatives for their years of work organization to take part in our events. In the interest of journalists environmental issues, we are helping to attract public attention to the important issue of the environment in Belarus.