Hazardous substances

Each of us is daily exposed to various chemicals at work and at home, the effect of which has not been fully studied or there is already evidence of negative effects on the environment and health during their long-term use. They can disrupt the hormonal system and lead to various serious diseases. But changing legislation requires a long time, so it is important for consumers to take a responsible approach to choosing safe products themselves.

IPO “Ecopartnership” studies the situation with hazardous chemicals in Belarus and abroad, makes proposals at the state level and raises awareness of Belarusians about chemically hazardous substances in goods.

  • We advocate Belarus joining the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade. The organization’s experts prepared a report on Belarus’s implementation of the Basel, Stockholm and Minamata conventions with recommendations for improving the safety of chemicals.
  • We conducted a large-scale info campaign “Think before you buy”, which included training for representatives of public organizations and educational institutions, as well as the development of information materials: manuals for teachers and booklets on the selection of chemically safe products.
  • We took part in the NonHazCity project - partners from 8 countries of the European Union studied the emission of hazardous substances in small businesses, as well as the content of substances in educational institutions and households. Thanks to this project, with the support of the Swedish Institute, recommendations were developed for educational institutions on creating a safe environment and other information products.