Water management

For Belarus, the most acute problem is the quality of water and sanitation in rural areas. In settlements without a centralized water supply and sewage system, nitrates are exceeded in water from wells, and wastewater without proper treatment can be released into the environment.

IPO “Ecopartnership” implements effective European technologies for wastewater treatment in Belarus and raises the awareness of residents about the impact of water quality on health. So, thanks to our work, two local wastewater treatment plants appeared in Iŭje district, where wastewater is treated at the expense of soil-vegetable filter.

This type of treatment plant is widely used in Europe, but is innovative for Belarus. In Iŭje, water intake was also modernized and the water supply system was dispatched, which helped to improve the quality of drinking water for the population.

With the help of sociologists, we also conducted several studies of the level of awareness of residents about the effect of water quality on health and the content of nitrates in water from wells.

The results of the research, together with recommendations for improving the situation, were distributed among the public and specialists.