Project management: 

  • Implementation of international technical assistance projects

  • Implementation of foreign donation projects

  • Development of projects related to the direction of organization

  • Case study and problem identification

  • Development of events for various target groups and their implementation

  • Preparation of reports in accordance with Belarusian legislation and donor requirements


  • Consulting on issues related to activities

  • Development of strategies and action plans

  • Preparation of guidelines and recommendations

  • Research and situation analysis

  • Consulting on development Water and Sanitation Safety Plans (WSSP)

Organizational Development: 

  • Strengthening the capacity of public organizations

  • Writing project applications for contests of various donors

Information activities: 

  • Development and implementation of information campaigns

  • Issue of information materials (posters, brochures, booklets, stands)

  • Conducting press-tours and other events for the media