Our mission

Increase in waste volumes, water, air, and soil pollution are global problems that we hear about every day.

You can wait until these problems are solved by somebody for us. However, you can start today to do what depends on you in your house, village, city, country.
We believe that Eco-thinking aimed at active care of yourself and of the planet can be developed in each of us. Otherwise, taking into consideration the present rate of development, when people “eat” annual resources for 8.5 months, predictions about the future of human life appear to be the most pessimistic.

Desire to change ourselves and the world has become a major impetus for the creation of the public association "Ecoproject” in 2000. In 2007 we acquired the status of an international association. From 2012 our full name is International Public Association "Ecoproject" Partnership " and our abbreviated name is IPO" Ecopartnership".

The principle, which we took as a basis 13 years ago, remains the same: "To address environmental issues in partnership!" Combining the work of state and non-state actors, we work to educate and help to solve environmental problems in the area of ​​environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

Projects, implemented by IPO "Ecopartnership" over these years, were dedicated to such topics as climate change and energy conservation, waste management and hazardous chemicals, water and sanitation, promotion of sustainable development. Continuing our work in selected areas, we are contributing to the improvement of environmental quality.