About us

IPO "Ecopartnership" is an international public organization that has been transferring environmental knowledge for 19 years, introducing a systematic approach and involving stakeholders in solving environmental problems.


The organization’s office located in Minsk, but we are actively working in different regions of Belarus.

Our experts are highly experienced in waste management, energy conservation, climate change and water management. They participate in the preparation of studies, development of strategies and concepts at the state level, make recommendations for improving the situation and introducing new approaches.

IPO "Ecopartnership" is a member of the public coordination councils under the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, the Minsk Regional and Minsk City Committees of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

The organization is also a member of international networks and coalitions: Climate Action Network (CAN), Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB).

IPO "Ecopartnership" have the status of a support structure for the Covenant of Mayors in Belarus.

You can learn more about our achievements from annual reports.

Our mission – partnership in environmental problems solvation.

We transfer environmental knowledge, introduce a systematic approach and engage stakeholders to improve the environment of Belarus.

Annual reports of IPO "Ecopartnership":