Waste management

In order to reduce the amount of waste and improve the efficiency of separate collection, the IPO "Ecopartnership" introduces advanced European experience in Belarus.

Our organization was the first to prepare a waste management strategy for one of the districts of Belarus and scaled this approach to the region. The developed Strategy for Integrated Management of Solid Municipal Waste for the Minsk Region until 2029 was approved by the Minsk Regional Council of Deputies.

We also developed strategies for the management of electronic and electrical waste for the Puchavičy district. Thanks to that and partnership with local authorities, as well as the housing and communal services company, it was possible to create an effective system for collecting old household appliances and batteries in the district.

In addition, one of the important areas of our work is the promotion of composting green waste among utilities and residents. Our recommendations are used in the Minsk region.

The IPO "Ecopartnership" has held a number of seminars and conferences, information campaigns on waste issues in Minsk and regions of Belarus, which helped to increase the percentage of separately collected waste among residents.

Our organization has developed a large number of information materials on waste management:

  • manuals and recommendations for housing and communal services specialists, manuals for teachers, children's books, posters, etc.