We invite you to a Conference on rural entrepreneurship development in Belarus

We invite you to a Conference on rural entrepreneurship development in Belarus

Rural entrepreneurship development in Belarus will be the focal point of discussions at a conference to be held on 18-19 July in the resort town of Narač. The conference will encompass some presentations of the region’s successful business initiatives, foreign experience of rural development and effective fund-raising solutions.

The conference titled Expanding the Role of Rural Entrepreneurship in Rural Development in the Republic of Belarus will discuss various initiatives of rural entrepreneurship development, their success stories and challenges, as well as potential tools for expanding the role of rural entrepreneurship.

Representatives of local, regional and concerned national authorities, small business support institutions and projects, concerned nongovernmental organisations, business associations, national and international finance institutions, as well local private initiatives supported by the Kamarova Business Incubator (Miadzel District) are all welcome to attend the conference.

The conference agenda comprises the following topics: microbusiness funding sources, organic farming development, marketing, and sustainability of entrepreneurship support institutions.

The event will include presentations of some business initiatives supported by the Development of Rural Localities Project of the European Union. They are related to services; manufacture of wooden window frames, toys, apparel and accessories; organic farming; and beekeeping.

Registration for the conference is open until 11 July 2019

The conference agenda is available for download here (russian version).

If you have any questions about attendance in the conference, please call:
- Ecopartnership at +375 29 106 67 10, +375 17 336 01 90 (Galina Vereshnia) 
- BIKamarova at +375 29 120 64 79, +375 1797 37-3-04 (Anastasia Tsyunchik).

The conference is a part of the project Development of Rural Localities in the Republic of Belarus: Boosting Rural Entrepreneurship in Belarus and Launching a Rural Business Incubator in Kamarova, which is financed by the European Union and co-financed by the U.S. Embassy Small Grants Programme. The project is implemented in 2017-2020 by Ecopartnership International NGO and Women for Restoration of Narač Region NGO.


Source: komarovo.com