5 business initiatives that will receive support from the European Union were selected in Kamarova

5 business initiatives that will receive support from the European Union were selected in Kamarova

On July 6, 2018, 5 local private initiatives, which will receive financial support from the European Union, were selected in Kamarova. This time, not only graduates of the School of Rural Business in Kamarova, but also all those who wished from the four districts could represent their business ideas to a strict jury.

Apply for participation in the fifth Startup Weekend was possible until June 22, 2018. The developed business plan of the jury was presented by 14 beginning entrepreneurs from Miadziel, Smargoń, Pastavy and Astraviec districts. Of these, only four previously trained in the basics of business planning in Kamarova.


The jury included representatives of local authorities, businessmen, belarusian and foreign public organizations. They decided who will receive financial support in the amount of 2 to 10 thousand euros from the project of the European Union.


The presented business ideas concerned various spheres of the life of the region from the creation of a mobile beauty salon and the opening of second hand shop to the cultivation of blueberries and asparagus.


According to the results of the jury's voting, the business initiative to grow and cool organic strawberries Andrey Kisel'-Zagaranski from the Smargoń district take the highest score. He already grows strawberries and is in the process of obtaining a European certificate confirming the status of organic products.


One of the leaders among the participants was also Victfr Kakuryn with a business initiative to create a production of kraft beer in Kamarova. The participant plans to attract buyers with an unusual taste of beer and its environmental friendliness, because the production will not use additives. In addition, the nearest mini-brewery is within a radius of 200 km, and in the tourist season there is already a strong demand for local products.


The jury evaluated the business initiative of Jaugen Lakutieuski to create a station for repair and maintenance of cars in Kamarova with high scores. At present, there is no car repair shop in the village and residents have to repair their personal cars in the nearest district centers.


The project will be supported by the well-known artist Arthur Klinau, who plans to create a hall-stage for holding events in his agro-community in Pastavy district. Arthur Klinau is sure that he will be able to attract creative people to the Lyntupy village and conduct all year round master classes, plein airs and other activities for art lovers.


One of the winners of the project was Inna Zhyzneuskaya with a business initiative to create a seasonal mini-farm for the production of duck meat. She notes that in the region among tourists there is a demand for local products, but currently they can only offer eggs, milk and vegetables. Duck meat can please gourmets and those who watch their health, as it surpasses other types of meat in terms of the content of many useful substances. Inna already breeds various kinds of poultry in her farm in Pastavy district, and thanks to the project she will be able to increase the number of individuals and improve the conditions for their maintenance.


At the end of the event, the Director of the practical institution for the support of entrepreneurship "BIKamarova” Eduard Vajtiakhovich emphasized that all the ideas presented can be successful and contribute to the development of the region. Even those who did not become a winner of the Startup Weekend can contact the business incubator for advice and help in finding investors.


Representatives of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian Fund for Financial Support of Entrepreneurs also spoke before the participants of the event, who spoke about the opportunities and conditions for obtaining loans for small businesses.

The competition of local private initiatives was held within the framework of the project "BY RURAL BOOST: Boosting rural entrepreneurship in Belarus via establishment and running of Kamarova Rural Business Incubator", funded by the European Union and co-financed by the Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in Minsk.


Source: euprojects.by