Development of an Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Strategy to Facilitate the Sustainable Development of Minsk Oblast, Belarus

Project period: February 2013 - February 2015

Project Aim

To strengthen the level of civil society participation in environmental and sustainable development initiatives at a regional level through the development of an integrated municipal waste management strategy for Minsk Oblast.

Project Objectives

  • Strengthening information dissemination on municipal waste management issues that will raise public awareness;
  • Improving the platform for stakeholder dialogue at a regional level;
  • Development of a 15-year integrated municipal waste management strategy and action plan.

Principal Activities

  • Analysis of the existing municipal waste management system;
  • Organizing awareness-raising and consultation workshops, arranging events and meetings;
  • Initiating a dialogue between the various local administrations/committees, civil society and commercial sector to improve environment;
  • Informing specialists working in the sphere of waste management about European standards and processes in the formulation of environmental policy;
  • Upgrading methods of recycling and landfilling, introducing safe and healthy waste treatment methods;
  • Implementing local pilot projects in the sphere of municipal waste management in Minsk Oblast.

Project Coordinators

The project is implemented by IPO "Ecopartnership" and REC Bulgaria in cooperation with Minsk Oblast Environmental Committee.

The project is funded by the European Union.