Strengthening Capacities of Civil Society Organisations for National and Regional SAICM Implementation in the EECCA Region

Project period: 28.06.2010 - 28.06.2010 

Project objectives:

• Assistant participant CSOs (2) to strengthen their capacities to ensure their meaningful participation in SAICM implementation at the national level and regional level.

• Implement the project in coordination with the two other Partners: Public Fund “Centre of self-government development”, Kazahstan and Public Organization “Independent ecological expertise”, Kyrgystan.

• In coordination with the Partners develop a Regional CSO Strategy on Stakeholder Involvement in SAICM Implementation and hold a Regional CSO Forum on SAICM in either Kazahstan, Kyrgystan or Belarus.

• Raise awareness among stakeholder groups on SAICM and related issues using the most effective information dissemination tools at the national and regional levels.

• Mobilize efforts to develop and agree on a regional strategy on stakeholder involvement in SAICM implementation.

• Raise interest and initiative a process for CSOs to support SAICM implementation and support existing national projects on SAICM implementation in Belarus.

Partners: United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), IPO “Ecoproject Partnership” (Belarus), Public Organization “Independent ecological expertise” (Kyrgystan) and Public Fund “Centre of self-government development”, (Kazahstan).

The project is funded through the SAICM Quick Start Programme trust fund.

1. The Eastern Europe, Caucuses and Central Asia (EECCA) Region includes countries of Eastern Europe, Caucuses, and Central Asia.
2.  For the purposes of this project, the term “civil society” is understood to be equivalent to “non-governmental organizations” and related stakeholders and includes the following major groups: farmers, women, educators, the scientific, technological and professional communities, children and youth, indigenous peoples and their communities, workers and trade unions, as well as local authorities. This does not include business and industry, with the following exceptions: Business and industry associations and small companies might nevertheless be involved the partners in the project (but not direct recipients of funding).

Report in Russian: "Analysis of requirements and determination of mechanisms of effective spreading of information about SAICM among Belarusian public".