Developing competency of NGOs in chemical policies: potentials for public awareness raising in Belarus and Russia

Project period: 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2009 

The main objective: To support capacity building to develop the role of Belarusian and Northwest Russian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in policy development and public awareness raising in the field of chemicals management.

Project activities:

  • to assess training needs among the NGOs regarding their existing knowledge regarding chemicals;
  • to arrange 3 training seminars on international hazard comcepts, chemicals policy and tools for safe chemicals management will be conducted for NGOs in Belarus and Russia;
  • to organize national Russian and Belarusian NGO meetings with competent authorities in chemicals management and industries;
  • to generate 15 brochures about all kinds of chemical products, which we face in daily life, their posed risks, potential alternatives to less harm the human health and the environment.

Project results:

  • increased Russian and Belarussian NGO competency in chemical field and public awareness raising;
  • 3 training seminars for Russian and Belarussian NGO arranged;
  • national Russian and Belarussian NGO meetings with competent authorities in chemicals management and industries organized;
  • Russian and Belarussian societies informed on project activities and chemical substances in daily goods;
  • 2 project applications elaborated to pave the way for further NGO activities in chemical field.

Applicant: BEF-Lithuania

Partners: Public Association "Ecoproject" (Belarus), BEF-Russia, Danish Ecological Council (Denmark), BEF-Estonia

The project is partly supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers