Tender for study visit organization

A tender for organization of a study visit to Poland has been opened. Commercial offers from Polish organizations will be accepted until April 30, 2019

The study visit is organized for representatives of local authorities and non-profit organizations who need to be shown water supply and wastewater facilities in Poland.

Polish organizations which are able to develop study visit program, ensure visits to the planned facilities and suggest convenient logistic solutions can take part in the tender. The city of Gdansk and its surroundings were chosen as place for the study visit.

The tender is held by IPO “Ecopartnerhip” in the network of the project “Public Participation and Effective Water Governance in Masty District”, financed by European Union. Activity areas of the project are the following:

  • enhancing institutional and professional capacities of local authorities and other stakeholders;
  • mainstreaming integrity and transparency practices on water governance in Masty district;
  • improving local population engagement into water governance by strengthening communication channels.


More detailed information is attached.


Deadline for applying – 30/04/2019. Contact person: Galina Vereshnya gv@ecopartnerstvo.by


24 March 2019