New project on water management is starting in Masty district in February, 2019. The project will be implemented with the financial support of European Union. Planned activities will help to improve water quality in rural areas and  wastewater treatment system.

Period of the project “Public Participation and Effective Water Governance in Masty District” is February 2019 – January 2022.  Implementers of the project are Masty district executive committee and IPO “Ecopartnership”. Project budget is 645 398 Euro, EU contribution - 580 794 Euro.

The project aims to strengthen the role of local authorities in promoting transparent and participatory sustainable water governance in Masty district. To achieve this aim Water Safety and Sanitation Plans will be developed and it is a new instrument for Belarus. It is supposed that interested local communities and project experts will be involved in this activity.

For implementation of the activities envisaged by the water safety plans funding will be provided for 4-6 local initiatives to improve water management in Masty district. Each initiative will be able to get from 40 to 60 thousands euro.

The support of the European Union will make it possible to acquire equipment for controlling wastewater for the Republican unitary enterprise of housing and public utilities and build small innovative construction for wastewater treatment.

A series of educational events is planned. It will allow all the interested to participate in public monitoring of drinking water quality and get acquainted with water management system of Masty district.

To improve residents' knowledge about water supply and sanitation, an information center will be opened, and an information campaign will be organized.



27 February 2019