Water & Health Campaign for 2016-2017

Implementation terms



The goal

The activities are aimed at raising awareness and informing the general public about water and health issues.


Target groups:

They are  -     Local communities;

  • Public environmental and health care organizations ;
  • Public bodies dealing with water supply and sanitation.

Main activities (are)

- Preparation and publication of informational materials on water and health, sustainable water supply and sanitation (including brochures, publications, etc.);

- Conducting national, regional and local round tables on water and health, sustainable water supply and sanitation;

- Media work on the point of coverage water and health issues, sustainable water supply and sanitation;

- Informing the board on the implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health during the campaign realization;

- Purchase of educational equipment for the study of water properties;

- Preparation of recommendations for improving the water resources protection;

- Advicing on wastewater treatment and technology;

- Preparation and implementation of a demonstration project on local wastewater treatment;

- Conducting a training for local people on the implementation of local wastewater treatment systems.




Donator: Sida (Sweden)