Strengthening Waste Management Services for the Rural Population of Puhovichi District, Minsk Region

Implementation terms

January 2016 – December 2018



Puhovichi District of the Minsk Region


Targets and goals

Our goals are the following: to create an efficient separate collection system of electrical and electronic equipment's waste in Puhovichi district; increasing the level of awareness and participation of the Puhovichi district’s population in separate waste collection; improvement of the environment by eliminating and preventing unauthorized landfills in the district.


Main activities (are)

- creation of platforms for composting organic waste in 10 rural schools;

- installation of 4 surveillance cameras  for monitoring unauthorized landfills;

- installation of 30 containers for hazardous waste;

- creation of a platform for temporary storage of electrical and electronic equipment's waste;

- publication and distribution of more than 7,000 copies of information materials: including educational brochures for children, teachers; posters, calendars, stickers for containers;

- acquisition of a bulldozer to eliminate landfills and a cargo mini bus for the WEEE collection in the district.


Performer: Puchavičy District Executive Committee 


Donator: European Union