Terms of the project: 15.04.2010 - 30.09.2010

Objective of the project:

The aim of the project is to increase public participation in the development and implementation of MP21 in rural areas through the demonstration of the positive experience of the Ananik Village Council and other rural communities.

Objectives of the project:

• discussion of problems and exchange of experience related to sustainable development of rural areas in general in Belarus;

• realization of practical examples of development and promotion of the idea of ​​sustainable development of rural areas in Belarus;

• presentation of the existing positive experience of work on MP21 in rural areas.

Target group of the project:

The immediate target group of the project is the initiative group of the Ananik Village Council (15 people), consisting of representatives of local authorities, schools, students, local businesses and residents.

The final target group of the project are representatives of other Belarusian communities working in the field of sustainable development of their territories.

The main activities of the project:

• Negotiations with project participants.

• Development and publication of a brochure.

Holding of the conference "Sustainable development of rural areas: the experience of Belarus and Poland".

Funding organization: Representative office of ISAR, Inc. (USA) in the Republic of Belarus.