Terms of the project: 01.04.2010 - 31.07.2010

The objectives of the project.

Increase the competence of journalists on environmental issues in the south of Belarus and their solutions, inform the general public on this issue through the exchange of experience between journalists from Belarus and Ukraine.

Objectives of the project.

Inform representatives of Belarusian and Ukrainian media about environmental problems in the south of Belarus and ways of their solution.

Transfer knowledge and experience of international media to Belarusian and Ukrainian journalists on effective methods of covering environmental problems.

Strengthen cooperation between Belarusian and Ukrainian journalists to jointly solve environmental problems.

Participants of the project.

Journalists of Belarus and four regions of Ukraine (Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr and Kiev) are specializing or wishing to specialize in covering issues of environmental protection and related problems.

Within the framework of the project the following activities are planned:

Conducting a training seminar for representatives of Belarusian and Ukrainian media. The seminar-training will cover the following issues: review of environmental problems in the south of Belarus and ways to address them (the impact of enterprises on the environment, the problems of recycling obsolete pesticides, the problem of land reclamation); the role of environmental journalism in reducing and preventing the risks of industrial and problem regions; subtleties of illumination of complex ecological themes, features, different angles of submission.

Visiting facilities that demonstrate effective solutions to environmental problems.

Work on materials (discussion of topics for writing materials, working with trainers, independent work).


Expected results:

A training seminar was held for representatives of Belarusian and Ukrainian media with the aim of gaining experience in covering environmental issues.

Representatives of Belarusian and Ukrainian media are familiar with the features of the coverage of environmental topics.

Cooperation has been established between Belarusian, Ukrainian and international media representatives.