Terms of the project: 01.06.2010 - 30.11.2013

The aim of the events: to raise public awareness of the issues of separate waste collection and waste management.

Objectives of the events:

To draw public attention to the problems of separate waste collection and waste management.

Involving local people and organizations in practical activities. Development of cooperation between sectors of society.

Participants: representatives of local authorities, population of the district, representatives of educational institutions, businesses and public organizations.

Brief plan for the implementation of activities:

Preparation and dissemination of information materials on separate waste collection.

Organization of information meetings, seminars and trainings on separate waste collection, composting and waste prevention.

Involvement of local organizations and the population in practical actions for separate waste collection by providing gratuitous assistance to the "Sergeevsky Educational and Pedagogical Complex Kindergarten - Secondary School" for organizing separate collection of waste and informing the public.

Preparation of reports, analysis of activities.

Financing organization: Eptisa, Spain.