Terms of implementation: 01.01.2013 - 31.12.2013

Purpose: The campaign is aimed at raising awareness and informing the general public about water and health issues.


• Organize the work of the information center on water and health;

• Conduct an analysis of the situation in small towns and rural areas on water and health issues and identify priority problems and possible solutions;

• Demonstrate successful practices in water supply and sanitation in small towns and rural areas;

• Create a working group on water and health issues from representatives of public organizations to analyze the problems identified and find ways to solve these problems;

• Strengthen the coordination and cooperation of public organizations working in the field of water and health protection, exchange of information and experience with other organizations.

Target groups: local communities, public environmental organizations and organizations working in the field of health, government organizations dealing with water supply and sanitation.

Main activities:

• Preparation and publication of information materials (brochures, leaflets, etc.).

• Conducting national, regional and local round tables on water and health.

• Working with the media on covering water and health issues (press conferences, briefings for journalists, press publications).

• Informing the Council on the Implementation of the Protocol on Water and Health on the implementation of the Campaign.

• Conducting a study of drinking water quality in local water supply systems (wells) and identifying sources of its contamination.

• Conducting a sociological survey in small towns and rural areas on the impact of water quality on health, the state of water supply and sanitation systems, the measures taken to improve them, the existing problems, etc., and prepare a report on the results of the study.

• Organization of the information center.

• Identification of places / settlements that are interested in sustainable water management and having landscape / infrastructure prerequisites for demonstration projects.

• Exchange of information and experience through participation in international events on water and health (meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc.).

• Evaluation of results. Planning the next stage.

Implementing organization: International Public Association "Ecoproject "Partnership" with the support of the Coalition Clean Baltic, Sweden.