No later than December 24, 2016 resumes for the position of an expert in the EU project are accepted

Resumes are  accepted for the position of the EU expert on Social Accountability in Housing and Utility Sector in the European Union project "Demand for Good Governance in Housing and Utility Sector".


The Project is implemented by IPO “Ecopartnership” in cooperation with Vileyskiy and Ivievskiy district executive committees, Belarusian Society of Consumers Protection (BSCP), Bavarian Environment Agency, years 2016 -2019.

For detailed information about the announced position, duties and responsibilities please refer to the Terms of References.


Terms of Reference for an EU expert in English here


Applicants should submit their resumes to the attention of the Project Manager Alina Bushmovich by e-mail:


The deadline for submission of Resumes is December 24, 2016.


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9 December 2016