Demand for Good Governance in Housing and Utility Sector

Project Period: 2016 - 2019 years

Donor: European union

Implementer: IPO “Ecopartnership”

Project Partners:

Vileyskiy district executive committee

Ivievskiy regional executive committee

Belarusian Society of Consumers Protection (BSCP)

Associate: Bavarian Environment Agency


Project Aim is to increase civil society participation in decision-making in the H&U sector.

Project Objectives

  • Enhance capacities and  provide support to local CSOs and local authorities
  • Increase CSOs participation in decision-making in the  H&U sector
  • Raise awareness and literacy levels of the general public  concerning their rights and duties in H&U sector

Plans of the Project

  • Educational seminars, study visits to Germany and Estonia for representatives of civil society organizations, public services and local authorities
  • Installation of metering system and control equipment for water supply in Ivie
  • Improving the infrastructure for separate collection of waste, equipping the districts with containers and a truck for separate collection of waste, introducing a waste collection logistic program
  • Empower capacities of local CSOs and local authorities, aimed at increasing citizens' awareness of social accountability
  • Creation of web-sites and establishment of information centers of H&U enterprises in Ivie and Vileika
  • Monitoring of H&U services sector by public organizations
  • Development of citizen’s charters for H&U enterprises in Ivie and Vileika