Do you want to learn more about the work of IPO “Ecopartnership”? Take a look at the annual report

The annual report of IPO “Ecopartnership” for 2015 has now appeared on the Internet. It compiles the most important information about the projects, which were implemented by the organization during the last year. Infographics that allowed presenting organization’s work in clear diagrams and pictures is widely used in the report.

In order to prepare the report, IPO “Ecopartnership” has counted how many people attended their events, how many Internet users visited the organization’s website, and how often the organization was mentioned in the mass media.

Special attention is to be given to the section “Our achievements”, in which the most important and significant projects of 2015 are mentioned. Among these are the release of mobile application “Ecokids”, information campaign “Think before you buy!”, approval of Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy for Minsk region for the years 2015-2029.

In addition, the covers of all brochures and books released by IPO “Ecopartnership” are collected in the annual report. If you missed their edition, you can find their electronic versions on the website


4 May 2016