Experts estimate energy efficiency in civil construction in Belarus

Analytical publication by IPO “Ecopartnership” will help to define the extent to which Belarusian housing fund is consistent with the requirements of energy efficiency.  The overview was prepared in cooperation with foreign experts.

The publication contains the analysis of: housing stock, legal and social aspects, technical approaches and public awareness. The creators of the overview were collecting the information from numerous sources. According to Natalia Andreyenko, Energy and Climate Expert of IPO “Ecopartnership”, in Belarus such research either does not exist or unavailable, therefore, it is difficult to see a full picture of energy efficiency in civil construction in our country.   

The authors hope, that the publication will be interesting not only to specialists involved in construction and operation of housing stock, but also to a wider audience.

 “The baseline overview of energy efficiency in civil construction in the Republic of Belarus” is both in Russian and English and is available on the Internet for download on a number of resources.

The Ministry of Housing and Utilities of the Republic of Belarus gave favorable consideration to the publication and noted, that the information on this issue is currently demanded both in Belarus and abroad.

The overview was prepared in the framework of Awareness-Raising Campaign on the Issues of Energy Efficiency among the Participants of Construction Sector in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine with the financial support of the EU.

2 December 2014