Environmental terminology will soon become more understandable and colorful

More than 150 drawings from Belarus were entered in the contest "EcoDictionary"! Thanks to all who drew the illustrations for environmental terms! During October, the jury will select the best works to be included in the print edition, and will announce the winners. Participants will receive prizes and a book with their picture.

The children’s contest "EcoDictionary" was launched in April on Earth Day and ended in September. It’s idea — to create a dictionary of environmental terms, where the children's drawings will serve as illustrations.

According to the contest rules the children should create illustrations for the environmental terms for each letter of the alphabet from A to Z. As clues almost every month the jury offered a few words, such as forest, waste and wind turbine, but participants could draw any other term.

Conditions of competition were published in the newspaper "Transitional Age", the magazines "Backpack" and "Little Backpack", as well as on the websites and www.ecoproject.by www.spare-belarus.by.

The contest was organized IPO "Ecoprtnership" with support from SPARE.

“We did not expect such a large number of works and were pleasantly surprised by the activity of the children and their teachers” - said SPARE national coordinator Natalia Andreenko. - The authors of all the pictures will get at least a small gift from SPARE, and the winners will be invited to the presentation of "EcoDictionary." We hope to have time to release a publication on the International Day of energy saving, which is celebrated on November 11th.


31 October 2014