Implementation of the Activities for the Development and Dissemination of Information concerning Energy Efficiency directed at Raising Awareness of Citizens and Organizations on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving in Small and Medium Belarusian Towns.

Project Period: 24.08.2012 - 31.03.2012

Project Aims & Objectives: The project is targeted to an attraction of the residents of small and medium-sized towns to the opportunities and benefits of energy efficiency at household level and to raise awareness of population about the practical methods to save energy.

Project target groups:

  • Residents of small and medium-sized towns of the Republic of Belarus: Baranovichi, Zhodino, Osipovichy;
  • Local authorities, businesses, NGOs or CSOs, service utilities and associations of homeowners, enterprises, Inspections on Control of Rational Use of Energy Resources, Committee of Natural Resources and Environment, educational institutions.

Main Activities in the Project: 

  • Preparation and publishing of information posters regarding energy efficiency at home;
  • Conducting the press conferences in three pilot towns;
  • Publishing the series of articles on energy efficiency in local mass media;
  • Questioning the inhabitants in the three pilot cities;
  • Organization of multi-stakeholder round tables in three pilot cities.

Project Results: Awareness campaign in three pilot towns was a quite comprehensive task and it involved the maximum number of participants:

  • 16 local residents became "energy saving business cards" in Baranovichi, Zhodino and Osipovichy. They were published at posters which were located in public places;
  • 15 articles have been published in the regional mass media on various aspects of energy saving at household level (5 articles have been circulated with 32,475 copies - from 6000 to 18000 pcs. in each city);
  • Residents of 3 small and medium towns of Belarus (Baranovichi, Osipovichy, Zhodino) have been informed on methods of energy saving;
  • There were 100 participants in the press conferences held (around 30 participants in each of the press conference);
  • 713 respondents have filled questionnaire about awareness level on energy saving methods and behavior patterns performed in everyday life (Zhodino - 221, Baranovichi - 232 and Osipovichy-260 people questioned);
  • The report has been published with the results of the poll held in three towns (450 copies)
  • Three multi-stakeholder round tables have been held with participation of 85 people (25-30 participants in each city) on energy saving at the local level.

Additionally, several articles can be found in such magazines as "Live as a Host" and "Energy Efficiency". The interviews with participants of the project activities were circulated via Baranovichy television and national radio channel.

All organizations involved in the project have gained valuable practical experience of awareness campaign, which will be used in future activities.

Project Partners: 

  • 'Nerush' EKOO, Baranovichi;
  • 'New Castalia' POO, Zhodino;
  • 'For the Life on Earth' EMOO, Osipovichy.

Financing Party:

The project is financed by KEMA International B.V. using EU funds within the scope of the project 'Support to the Implementation of a Comprehensive Energy Policy for the Republic of Belarus'.