Multistakeholder Cooperation for Development of Energy Efficiency in Belarus – Promotion of Energy Certification of Buildings

Project Period: 01.04.2011 - 31.12.2011 

Project Aims: The main goal of the project is to introduce and promote Energy Certification of Buildings in Belarus as an efficient mechanism to enhance sustainability of the municipal energy sector and thereby contribute to national energy strategy and environmental protection.

Project Objectives:

• Dialogue establishment between the energy and utilities sector stakeholders.

• Improvement of professional skills and enhancement of competence of stakeholders about assessment of energy efficiency level of buildings.

• Adaptation of instruments of Polish companies rendering services in the field of energy survey (contract templates, economic assessment of energy saving measures, computer programs on determination of energy efficiency of buildings) in accordance with the legal and institutional requirements acting in the Republic of Belarus.

• The information campaign for raising the public awareness on energy efficiency certification of buildings in Belarus.

Main Activities in the Project:

• The round tables on the perspectives and obstacles for introduction and promotion of the Energy Efficiency Certification of buildings in Belarus.

• Strategic Action Plan for promotion of Energy Efficiency Certification in Belarus elaborated by the Advisory Committee.

• A training on energy efficiency certification of buildings in Belarus.

• Study visit in Poland.

• Elaboration of energy efficiency certification methodology in Belarus and the adaptation of available certification software.

• The trial assessment of energy efficiency in buildings, showing the cost efficiency and reduced energy consumptionin the form of a percentage.

Project Results:

• A Multi-Sectoral Advisory Commitee was established to promote effective decision-making process on energy saving measures in buildings involving different stakeholders.

•New types of business and professional opportunities for energy savings in buildings have appeared.
• A trial evaluation of energy efficiency in several buildings has been carried out. These activities allowed to show the cost efficiency and reduced energy consumption in the form of a percentage.

• Elaboration and dissemination of information about the results of the projects.

Project Partners:

  • IPO ‘Ecoproject Partnership’; 
  • The Union of Associations ‘Polish Green Network’ (Poland);
  • Malopolska Regional Agency for Energy and Environmental Management Ltd. (MAES).

Financial Support: This project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of theRepublic of Poland (in the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation in 2011).