Awareness Raising Campaign on Energy Efficiency for Construction related Stakeholders in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine

Project Period: November 2011 - February 2014

Project Aims:

ARCEE project is targeted to improve energy efficiency in newly constructed buildings and in existing apartment blocks which undergo refurbishment in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine. The aim of this project is to increase the knowledge about measures to save energy or use it more efficiently, to promote cooperation and exchange of experience between stakeholders in the project countries.

Project Target Groups:

Professionals involved in the construction and refurbishment of residential buildings, house and flat owners, housing administration and associations, the representatives of educational institutions and local authorities.

Main Objectives in the Project:

  • Studying the available possibilities and obstacles to adopt the measures on energy efficiency in three countries;
  • Preparation and discussion of the most responsible technical decisions taking into consideration specific characters of the project countries;
  • Transfer of experience and knowledge about measures to save energy and to increase energy efficiency with the help of trainings in the project coutries, an e-learning course, study visit in Germany;
  • Participation in the pilot projects on construction/refurbishment of buildings in the form of practical consulting services.

Main Activities in the Project:

  • Gathering background information on current situation in the field of energy efficiency, information on needs, legislative and social aspects, financial management;
  • Assesment of current situation, discussion of possible approaches to increase energy efficiency at local level;
  • Development of an e-learning module and accompanying material;
  • Project partners meeting comcerning exchange of information and expertise;
  • Web-portal development and preparation of articles for online information platform;
  • Study visit for stakeholders in Germany on issues of energy efficiency in buildings (for project partners and two representatives of local authorities);
  • Consultation services on technical issues to increase energy efficiency in two buildings which are under design or reconstruction;
  • Dissemination of information.

Project Partners:

ARCEE involves 7 organizations from 5 countries:


The project is financed by BEF Deutschland e.V. using EU funds within the scope of the project "Awareness Raising Campaigne on Energy Efficiency for Construction related Stakeholders in Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine".

Contact Details:

Philipp Engewald (Project Manager)

Tel.: +49 (0) 40 5330 7075


Natallia Andreyenka (Project Coordinator in Belarus)

Tel.: +375 17 336 01 91