Partnerships for Better Energy Use

Project Period: 01.05.2011 - 30.04.2013 

Project Aims & Objectives: The main goal of the project is to increase the efficiency of energy resources use through cooperation of local government authorities and public initiatives for the elaboration and introduction of energy efficiency in the rural regions of the Republic of Belarus.

To achieve these goals, the series of awareness-raising activities and round tables under the aegis of local government authorities to discuss the prospects for enhancement of efficiency in the corresponding settlements have been carried out within the framework of this project.

Project target groups:

  • Representatives of local government and public administration;
  • Utilities and other organizations involved in the process of decision making concerning the directions of energy resources use at the local level;
  • Public associations and people involved in the project.

The project has been implemented in nine villages: Komarovo and Zanaroch villages, Svir settlement and Rakov agro-town located in Minsk Region; Perebrodye, Klyastitsy and Zaborie villages located in Vitebsk Region, Stomach urban-type community and Porechie village located in Grodno Region, Motol village located in Brest Region, Turov town located in Gomel Region.

Main Activities in the Project: 

'School Energy Audit' will give an opportunity to representatives of each of the participating communities to pass training during which they will be familiarized with the basics of effectiveness analyses of use of energy resources, the applicable technologies and technical solutions especially objects of communal ownership that provide services to citizens: schools, kinder gardens, policlinics, hospitals and etc. After completion of school the participants will scrutinize the energy efficiency in each of the locations and diagnose the burning problems.

The analysis results will be discussed during a number of round table discussions with participation of local government authorities, public organizations, local residents of settlements involved in the project, the representatives of interested authorities at regional and republican level.

In order to search for the particular ways to solve the problems revealed in every settlement, the seminars with experts engaged in the field of energy and efficiency of energy resources use were held.

Project Partners: 

New Eurasia Foundation, "Ecoproject Partnership" IPO, Grodno Public Association "Entrepreneurs Club", Gomel Association for Public Awareness "Oracle"

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Financial Support:

This project is supported by the European Union and Eurasia Foundation (with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID).