Our achievements

Over the years, the IPO "Ecopartnership" has implemented more than 20 international projects aimed at increasing public awareness and environmental concerns on the following topics:

- The quality of drinking water and its effects on health, the organization of domestic waste water treatment systems;
- Practical ways to energy economy and prevention of climate change;
- Waste management with minimization of damage to the environment;
- Consumption of goods taking into account environmental aspects;
- Sustainable development at regional level.

During the implementation of these projects round tables, seminars and workshops have been organized with participation of invited experts and representatives of NGOs, public authorities, the mass media and other stakeholders from different cities of Belarus. A large number of information materials on environmental issues have been published in the framework of the projects. They have been distributed among the participants of the events and published on the website of organisation, in local and national media.

Many of the initiatives of the IPO "Ecopartnership" were successfully settled down and continue to function without direct involvement of the organisation. Some of the most significant achievements of the organization are the following:

- testing of drinking water on the nitrate content in different regions of the country, including mapping of the information received and public awareness raising on the topic;
- Construction of the first Eco-sun toilet in Belarus with separation of liquid and solid fractions (township Smilovichi,  2008), that allows to increase the comfort of the rural residents and to protect them from the groundwater pollution;
- development and promotion of energy certification of buildings, which is now implementing at state level;
- Development of a Municipal Solid Waste Management Strategy for Puhovichski district of Minsk Oblast, that was approved by Pukhavichy Council of deputies in 2012
-creation of Local Agenda for Pershamajski district of Minsk, through which local administration adopted the experience of the organisation as concerns information campaigns among population on separate collection of waste;
- Social advertising on energy efficiency in public places and transport in collaboration with public authorities ;
- Creation of the network of SPARE schools (School project for Application of Resource and Energy) in the Republic of Belarus and the implementation of practical projects on energy efficiency in educational establishments throughout the country ;
- Promotion of ecotourism in three rural regions;
- The establishment of public information centers on sustainable development and ecology, on water and health .